6 Months Backpacking Around South America

Today is a first day of a 6 months incredible journey, me and my fiance are going backpacking around South America, Mexico and Cuba in the hopes to learn more about unfamiliar to us culture of each country but mostly to gain experience in Organic Farming. This is not quite a WOOF adventure, while it may have started out as an idea to go around South America WOOFing we quickly realised that not every country has a huge choice of farms to stay on but also how much there is to do in general on the way that simply cannot be missed. Our first farm stay will be to learn the basics of organic farming in Belize, after which we hope to find farms in Argentina and Chile to stay on on the way to Brazil.


So far this is our planned route (will update it as we go along):

  1. London, UK -> Cienfuegos, Cuba [flight+ car]
  2. Cienfuegos, Cuba -> Havana, Cuba [bus]
  3. Havana,Cuba -> Cancun, Mexico [flight]
  4. Cancun, Mexico -> Belize City, Belize [bus]
  5. Belize City, Belize -> Punta Gorda, Belize [bus]
  6. Punta Gorda, Belize -> San Pedro Columbia Village, Belize [bus]
  7. San Pedro Columbia, Belize -> Maya Mountain Research Farm [dory]
  8. Maya Mountain Research Farm -> San Pedro Columbia, Belize [dory]
  9. San Pedro Columbia Village, Belize -> Punta Gorda, Belize [bus]
  10. Punta Gorda, Belize -> Belize City, Belize [bus]
  11. Belize City, Belize -> Tullum, Mexico [bus]
  12. Tullum, Mexico -> Cancun, Mexico [bus]
  13. Cancun, Mexico -> Mexico City, Mexico [flight]
  14. Mexico City, Mexico -> Lima, Peru [flight]
  15. Lima, Peru -> Cuzco, Peru [bus]
  16. Cuzco, Peru -> Machu Pichu, Peru
  17. Cuzco, Peru -> Bolivia

Some rough plans after Peru are to travel to the Bolivian Jungle and then generally around Bolivia, before moving on to Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

First stop is Cienfuegos, Cuba (via Varadero).

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