Rancho Luna, Cuba

Rancho Luna Image

This is the nicest beach we have been to in Cuba so far. It has sand, fishes, coral reefs and a few bars and cafes. I would not count on using the bathroom unless you are willing to go to every place and ask if you could pay to use their bathroom. Once you get there the coral reefs are to your left (if facing the water) around the curve towards the hotel (which can only be seen once you turn the corner). You should see people snorkeling there and it is quite shallow where the reef is. If you don’t find it there are still fishes in the water out and about.

Getting There

You can get there by either taxi or local bus. There are also organised tours. We took the bus every time, it was an interesting experience in itself. The buses go from the main Cienfuegos Bus Station:

El PradoImage

We took the 10am bus every time, the next one is 11:30. They are not very frequent! The local buses accept local currency (Moneda Nacional ie Peso). One way trip cost us $1 Peso (once it was $2 Peso because the driver demanded it). The space is limited on these buses and people with tickets board first and the rest of the pasengers squeeze on. Note that as a tourist you probably won’t be able to acquire a ticket and will likely be redirected to the more expensive tourist bus. Simply follow the crowd and pay on board. Tube rush hour in London was nothing compared to this bus journey, it is hot, there is no space and the driver lets everyone on regardless of how much you are struggling to breathe. I had a rather large sweaty lady hugging me to keep stable with a very old man on the other side making pitiful noises every time someone leaned on him. Not the most comfortable bus ride but it is only about 20 minues or so throught the countryside. Get off once you see the sea and beach.

Getting back

Getting back is not very hard, exit the beach through the restaurants and car park. Once you reach the main road there is a rather large tree to your left. There are ussually people stadnign under it. This is the bus stop to get back, it is not sign posted in any way.

You can get back usign the local bus again or the private trucks. The trucks are a better but more expensive option, it is not as hot with much more available space and costs $10 Local Peso. The trucks are modified to become “buses” and come in all sorts of shapes and colours. There is ususally one around 15:30. Get the bus or the truck which every comes first, but the buses are less punctual than the trucks and the truck is actually a fun ride.

This is the view from the “bus stop”:

Rancho Luna Image

And here is our truck approaching:

Rancho Luna Image

I have been told that all buses and trucks from this stop go to Cienfuegos.