Giron, Cuba

Giron is a beach and small town in the Bay of Pigs located on one of the worlds largest wetlands.

Getting There

We travelled there by car as the whole family wanted to come along to the amazing coral reefs but there are also some buses going to Havana (especially Viazul) stop in town and from there it is a short journey by taxi to all the attractions.


1. Playa Giron

This is a small and gorgeous beach perfect for relaxing and bathing, it was not busy at all when we went and there is a small drinks shack one one end of the beach serving up cocktails and fresh coconuts.

Playa Giron Image

2. Cueva de los Peces

This is a 70m deep flooded cenote. It is full of brightly colourded tropical fish which can be seen while snorkeling or diving if you want to go deeper into the darker waters below. The sea water here mixes with fresh water giving it a sligtly unfamiliar feel.

Giron Lake Image

3. Coral Reefs

Just outside the park with the Cueva de los Peces across the road is a small beach full of coral reefs. Perfect for snorkeling or even diving and you can take diving lessons here as well.

Giron Reef Beach Image

4. Bay of Pigs Museum

Museo Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs Museum) in Cuba is dedicated to the Bay of Pigs invasion. The museum itself is small and houses a collection of photographs and other historic pieces relating to the invasion. It also has some military vehicles on display.

Giron Museum Image

Giron Tank Image

I could’t resist brtinging the family dog along, his name is Marley (after Bob Marley). I think he enjoyed Giron too!

Marley Image

Marley Image

Marley Image

Overall Giron is an excellent day trip, and is definitely unforgettable.